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Compliance Systems

R (Robbie) J Stutterheim, was approved as an independent Compliance Officer in 2003 by the then Financial Services Board, now the Financial Sector Conduct Authority [FSCA] to provide compliance support services and monitoring to independent financial advisors and service providers under the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act [FAIS]. Industry related Acts that are included in the service offering are inter alia the Promotion of Access to Information Act [PAIA], the Consumer Protection Act [CPA], the National Credit Act [NCA] and the Protection of Personal Information Act [POPI].

Compliance support and monitoring services is mainly directed to Short and Long-term Insurance and investment products for financial services providers [FSPs] operating in the middle income segment of the population.

RJS Consulting

Robert J Stutterheim Consulting was formed in 2010 and amalgamated Compliance Systems Development CC (which was deregistered) and RJS Consulting Publishers in a single sole proprietor undertaking. Services provided to clients by Compliance Systems Development and later Robert J Stutterheim Consulting, is provided strictly in terms of an individual Service Level Agreement [SLA]

RJS Publishers

RJS Consulting Publishers started in 2013 and focusses mainly on publishing for the “self-publisher” having thus far successfully published five books. The main service delivery focusses on manuscript preparation and printing for both hard-copy and e-books, and to provide a sales platform for persons that want to publish their own books.

Preferred books for publication would be Africana, motivational, historical and community / human history and experience. The focus is mostly on “read-in-one-sitting” books, in order to encourage reading amongst larger sections of the population.

RJS Publications